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This is in pristine unworn condition but it does have some of the dreaded moth holes from storage over the years. It has hand rolled hems and the Liberty name woven into the silk. This is a beautiful powder compact in mint condition, in it's original box and slip cover.

Everyone should have at least one string of pearls! It is Liberty at a glance. The silk is still crisp and the colours remain vibrant.

The wearing of a vintage fur stole evokes the reminiscence of that much more glamorous era but fortunately they are currently enjoying a fashion revival. This pair is a burgundy grosgrain simple bow. The scarf is in excellent condition, the background is ivory silk with the script and images in pale blues.

LIBERTY OF LONDON Scarves for Women

The colours are still bright, although in muted and delicate colours and the hand rolled hem is still intact. The veil is attached to the top of the hat. This is Liberty at a glance, it's big, it's bold, it's gorgeous and still in fabulous condition. They taught me to dress well, and Liberty was part of that, too!

LIBERTY OF LONDON Women Scarves - Vestiaire Collective

The colours are bright and there is no damage to the scarf at all, it is in excellent condition. The colour is rich and unfaded and the skins are still glossy with no cracks or splits. Most of the examples now tend to have some moth damage even if they have not been worn as the fabric appears to be the moth equivalent of caviar. So if you have long slim elegant hands these would look quite stunning.

Liberty London

For those unfamiliar with varuna wool it is a very soft, finely woven fabric which is lightweight and warm but doesn't crush easily so perfect for travelling. This is in excellent condition apart from the holes, the wool is still crisp and vibrant with a perfect fringe and no snags at all. This one is in excellent condition but not pristine.

Label List A Collection Of Liberty of London Labels

  1. This division of the catalogue continued at least until the mid s.
  2. This is more dramatic with rich deep colours of black, ivory, blue, gold and wine.
  3. The colours mean it is very versatile and could be worn with black or browns and camel as well as teals and blues.
  4. The colours are as in the latter photos below, for some reason some of the photos make the scarf look as thought the border is navy, it is not it is black.
  5. This is a rare example in this colourway but it does have some holes, most tiny but the worst are photographed, notwithstanding the holes tend to be less noticeable when worn.

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Perfect for re enactments events, Goodwood Revival, that Twinwood or simply to wear to Proms concerts and royal celebrations. The hem is machine stitched and the black fabric care label is still attached to the hem. They are in a dark navy soft leather with a spray of exquisite beaded flowers along the length of the gloves.

The colours of the viscose crepe scarf are still vibrant there is minimal evidence of ageing and no evidence of wear, so a good example for this type of scarf. This scarf is in the luxurious large size and made in England. The edges are machine stitched and all intact and the liberty name is printed onto the silk in the usual corner.

These gloves are quite exquisite. This is almost the Holy Grail of Liberty wraps, a superb example of these very sought after Liberty varuna wool wraps. The white lining is clean with only very slight age discolouration as seen in the photo of the lining below.

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It's in rich browns and taupe and was made to commemorate the th anniversary of the Liberty store in London. No Liberty label but the name is highly visible on the wrap. It is a large scarf with a hand rolled hem and the Liberty name on the usual bottom corner. Collectable Liberty of London silk scarf with clock face and cherubs unused boxed and with tags.

Liberty Scarves

  • It was a real dress up event for them!
  • This is a very attractive and striking scarf in colours which are actually brighter than they appear in the photos.
  • There is no brand name to the scarf and no care label remains.
  • It's a distinctive and cheerful scarf which could be worn across the seasons.
Liberty of London Scarves Lady Violette

They have hardly been worn and are therefore in excellent condition. Exquisite vintage unused powder compact by Stratton. The pearls can be worn with the clasp at the front to add a different look to an outfit, perfect for evening. Varuna wool wraps are warm yet very lightweight, speed dating für studenten don't crease easily and fold very small so perfect for travelling or to throw over the shoulders on a chilly evening over a smart or casual outfit. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit all year round.

Paul Smith's know-how and tongue-in-cheek attitude are reflected with this scarf. The fabric of this varuna wool wrap is still in pristine condition, as is the fringing, and even better, it has a black border as well as the name woven into the fabric. Vintage unused crocodile skin and leather key wallets in brown or black. It is not a large scarf, dating in so the small pattern is perfectly in keeping with the scale of the scarf. Take it Outside Summer Dining Shop now.

To this day I very clearly remember particularly favorite Liberty of London scarf prints. Like most of these scarves it was not high end at the time of the coronation and has done very well to last this long and in this condition. Today Liberty is still known for the fabrics and scarves that made them famous. Silk scarves as an accessory are particularly popular at the moment, enjoying quite a revival and a vintage one which is no longer available on the high street has added cachet. This is a used example which does bear some faint age marks, particularly to the central pale blue section of the scarf.

This is a superb example of these ever popular varuna wool shawls which are no longer made for, or on sale in Liberty. Spanish label Loewe demonstrates its stunning ability for self-reference as illustrated on the Past Present Future scarf. Loewe embraces the spirit of the American West with the Puzzle Western scarf.

The fur itself is silky smooth and soft. This is as good as it gets for Liberty varuna wool shawls. Search icon Search Liberty for.

This looks as though it has never been used. They are warm yet light and uncrushable don't crease easily so perfect for travelling. We think they would make an excellent gift. It is in a sought after large size with the Liberty name woven into the border of the wrap.

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The hems are machine edged. The scarf has hand rolled edges, adding a touch of class to the scarf and it retains it's label sewn into the hem. The scarf is in bright jewel colours of emerald green, black, red and gold with royal blue, so would easily accessorise any outfit based on any of those colours.

It would make a perfect gift for her, perfect Mother's Day gift. The Echo name is woven into the silk to one corner. The stole is shaped to fit over the shoulders. Becoming increasingly hard to find in excellent condition A great condition, collectable scarf which is also eminently wearable and a piece of our history. Please see the photos, they are genuine pearls at a glance because of their not perfectly round shape.

Fusing the eternal qualities of nature with cutting-edge digital technology, this fiery-hued agate print scarf from Weston is a beautifully unique creation brimming with colour. Or, if you choose not to wear them, they would make a great vintage feature on display! There is a clock face with roman numerals with a cherub in each of the four corners, possibly a wind god. The hems are hand rolled and there is an attractive border to the edges as seen in the third photo below. The beading is also to be found along the scalloped edges of the gloves as seen in the photos.

Silk Scarves

There is no evidence that it has been worn. We have photographed it with a classic vintage black patent handbag to show how it enhances an outfit. It is secured with a popper.

Liberty of london scarf

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